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Courses Conducted in English (104-1)

Division of EE Course Name


Digital Ic Engineering

James B. Kuo

Nonlinear System Analysis

Li-Chen Fu

Discrete Mathematics

Sy-Yen Kuo

Multimedia Signal Processing

Homer H. Chen

Stochastic Processes and Applications

Char-Dir Chung

Robot Sensing and Control

Ren C. Luo

Computer Aided Analysis & Optimization of Integrated Circuit

Chung-Ping Chen

Introduction of Biochip Technologies

Eric Y. Chuang

Introduction to Computer Networks

Polly Huang

Solid State Lighting

JianJang Huang

Introduction to Display Technologies

Jiun-Haw Lee

Analog Integrated Circuit

Jri Lee

Digital Communications Ii

Hsuan-Jung Su

Logic Synthesis and Verification

Jie-Hong Roland Jiang

Vlsi Testing

Chien-Mo Li

Optical Nano-electro-mechanical System

Jui-che Tsai


Shih-Yuan Chen

Optical System Design

Guo-Dung Su

Simulation of Light Scattering and Propagation

Snow H. Tseng

Biomedical Optical Spectroscopy and Imaging Techniques

Kung-Bin Sung

Designs of Wireless Communication Networks

Chun-Ting Chou

Fundamentals of Wireless Communication

I-Hsiang Wang

Electronic Circuits

I-Chun Cheng

Control Systems

Kuen-Yu Tsai

Division of CS Course Name


Formal Languages and Automata Theory 

Chih-Jen Lin

Computing Theory

Yuh-Dauh Lyuu

Advanced Artificial Intelligence 

Yung-Jen Hsu


Li-Chen Fu

Advanced Computer-aided Drug Design 

Y. Jane Tseng

Topics in Machine Learning 

Chih-Jen Lin

Introduction to Mathematical Logic 

Tony Tan

  Bitcoin in the Big Data Era 

Shih-Wei Liao

Courses Conducted in English (104-2)

Division of EE Course Name


Adaptive Control Systems

Li-Chen Fu

Statistical Communication Theory

Kwang-Cheng Chen

Switching Power Supply

Dan Chen

Optical Electronics

Sheng-Lung Huang

Introduction to Lightwave Devices

Gong-Ru Lin

Power Amplifier Design for Wireless Communications

Tian-Wei Huang

Computer Communication Networks

Tsungnan Lin

Principles of Semicondactor Lasers

Ming-Hua Mao

Introductio to Wireless and Mobile Networking

Hung-Yu Wei

Numerical Method

Snow H. Tseng

Optoelectronic Device Program Simulation

Yuh-Renn Wu

System Identification

Kuen-Yu Tsai

Liquid Crystal Display Technologies

Wing-Kit Choi

Introduction to Computer

Polly Huang

Engineering Mathematics-linear Algebra

See-May Phoong

Engineering Mathematics-complex Variables

Huei Wang

Discrete Mathematics

Ho-Lin Chen

Probability and Statistics

Shi-Chung Chang

Division of CS Course Name


Numerical Methods

Chih-Jen Lin


Y. Jane Tseng

Systems Analysis on Metabolomics

Y. Jane Tseng

Artificial Intelligence

Yung-Jen Hsu

Applications of Big Data System

Shih-Wei Liao

Advanced Topics in Database Theory

Tony Tan

Music Signal analysis and Retrieval

Jyh-Shing Roger Jang

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