New cooperation between NTU-EECS and Technical University of Madrid (UPM)

  • 張貼人:Yi-Yun Lee
  • /公告日期: 2019-07-23

The visiting from Lawrence S. Ting School on May 21st


12 students from Lawrence S. Ting School in Vietnam, led by their Principal Chen, visited NTU College of EECS on May 21st at R201 Barry Lam Hall. This meeting first came with a brief introduction of EECS’s achievement which presented by Prof. Chang, Dean of the College of EECS. After this attractive and interesting speech, Prof. Hoang-Yan Lin, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, introduced a fascinating game called “NTUEE Gamebaby” to all. Students raised many questions with this game and show great interests in the field of EECS.


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